Saturday, February 27, 2010

Butterfly Stool by Tendo

It was one of those things that I never would have stopped to look at, it was too sculptural for its function, it was constructed by a means too complicated for its purpose, its derivation didn't make sense, and there was really little comfort. Somehow though, I bought it, yes, just a moment ago. Sometime s beauty can't be explained, the lightness of the way it touches the floor, the uplifting curves along the seatline, the rigidity between the opposing, yet poetic bends, create something almost natural, not in the sense of organically grown, but beyond human creation.

It was on sale at least - $1100 after 40% off.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Man-made naturally

The use of earth tones in design and interiors is a common practice. Hues of teracotta, beige or a warm off-white may seem soothing, but after careful consideration, the application of natural finishes artificially is far from natural. Think painting soil green to mimic grass, or colouring ceilings with clouds. These ideas may be kitsch and gross, but that is exactly what we are doing when we stain our hardwood furniture to a rich brown, or build bamboo screens along our walkways, or have an artificial orchid on the table. (the entire plaza of One Raffles Quay is lined with fake bamboo plants) Raw concrete walls and screed flooring may seem too cold, and unstained timber flooring may be too rough to the touch, so where exactly does the artificial stop? Perhaps going all out systhetic is a more honest approach to design, since we are going to paint the walls, go with silver, since we are going to cover the floors, use corian. To me, balance is key, as always. Room finishes should be left as they are, if not covered the way they should be. The human touch within, is where the man-made counts.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Singapore from out there

Pinnacle at Duxton, Temasek Tower, Capital Tower, Marina Bay Financial Centre, OUB Centre, Marina Bay Sands, RSS Freedom. Familiar objects on a plane against an infinate sky and world. The Singapore skyline seems so small even only from 5 nautical miles away.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Thursday, February 11, 2010


The development of real estate is comfortably matching the development of the population, the only problem is that this growing population cant afford the growing prices of these properties.

Develpments: Petrovietnam Complex

This is not confirmed yet, but any new building in a new location is definately worth a look. Though, its strange that we can be impressed by mediocre architecture when they are located in lacklustre countries, or so we define. Though, this project is definately not mediocre, considering the latest "iconic arcitecture" we have in the market every other day by your everyday realtors.

Review: Aqua

Using the very element that affects the interior layout of a building least, and yet affects the exterior apperance most. Composing balconies to create a texture of waves over a typically bland tower is truly economic and extremely brilliant.

Firmitas 7

Simple international-styled structure, no complaints.

Utilitas 8

Practical Layouts, and very interesting outdoor spaces

Venustas 9

This is where it scores, simply breathtaking. If only they did the balcony thing on the mechanical floors as well, it would have got a 10.

Environmental 7

Nothing much, this building caught my attention not because of any new technology, but a great design idea.
Photo by Wrabbit from

Monday, February 8, 2010

Review: Songjiang Hotel

I'm sure we have seen this before. Clearly novel yet refreshingly sophisticated for its locality. A rigid grid of rooms wrap the quarry walls voluptuosly, suggesting the building was carved out of the formation. A glass waterfall that divides the composition of rooms and spaces introduces both light, and intrigue to the otherwise simplistic programme.

Firmitas 9
Backing a building against a natual wall, amazing.

Venustas 9
Beautiful, maybe for its novelty, but to me it is.

Utilitas 7
Simple usage, straight forward, no complaints.

Environmental 9
Turning a landfill into a usable development?


The look

YS commented that my layout looked hideous, well, there is a reason behind everything in nature.

The arrangement is meant to be as simple as possible, free of any frills or what I like to call post modernist influences.

Black is of course, most energy conserving.

the text used to be white, but I thought I'd add some colour to my life.


As with all S*ny*ricss*n Phones, mine had to be sent for repair, will get back to you asap.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Review: 839 Sixth Avenue

Elegant proportions, sophisticated verticals, coupled with blunt stubs of podium and rough window openings make it a confused piece of architecture. Not so much as to make it unique, not enough to make it stand out, but just enough to set a slightly dramatic shilhouette against the skyline, Trump World Tower did a better job at that though, for being an undesigned box.
Utilitas 8
simple usage, typical functions, sensible layout.
Firmitas 7
practical structure, at least it stands.
Venustas 7
Confused and disproportionate, saved by an elegant ratio and fairly bold crown.
Environmental 6
Double e glass? whats new?

oh my

What do I want? There are so many planes of desire its painful to discern what exactly it is. I feel so tired, which, adds to the pain, tiredness equates to a dormant mind, which leads to the feeling of uselessness. Sigh, I'm sighing, what can I do?


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