Sunday, March 11, 2012


had lunch, and finally a design idea...

11 March 2012 9-11am

Skyped my parents, had bf, made green bean soup to my mum's recipe! I feel so much better now.

Saturday, March 10, 2012


found out that previews are in a weeks time

and did nothing else! oh my god...


Had dinner, watch my sugar cake fail, and made some lego blocks...


Prepared bai tang gao (bak tong gou), applied for a water meter, swtiched to ebilling for virgin media.

Slightly better, but school work is still stagnant, maybe i should decrease the frequency, just to make it look better!

10 March 2012 5-6pm

Took a few photos of my model and replied a friend of facebook.

Ohmygod, it actually took that long to do that? I am such a newbie. Better try harder!

Today I embark on an Idle diet.

Yes, I have been having too much of it, too much idle, so much in fact, that my brain's just obese with nonsense. I will start my diet plan, idle in moderation. Lucky for me, most things in life do not have idle included, such as cooking, or making, or even shopping, so long as there is a purpose and a true function other than 'taking time off' or 'relaxing', playing is by no means idle. I should be easy, I hope.

And really, to remind myself not to waste my life on total nothingness, I will report, here, to myself and perhaps the four of you followers, on the things I do during my day, every hour in fact, no matter how measely my accomplishments may be.

Until then, I wish myself all the best.

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