Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Construction Begins on the World's Tallest Multi-Storey Carpark

SINGAPORE. In a city where strict building height regulations limit the size of its buildings, an ambitious project aims to break world records in an unusual fashion, with an unusual function. The SkyPark, a 280m high mechanical multi-storey carpark, will have 161 floors of parking lots, and will be able to house an astounding 30,000 standard sized vehicles. Mentioned SkyPark Spokesman Mr Anlong, "there is currently a serious shortage of carpark lots in the business district, and with the increasing number of cars on the road, this project will relieve the city centre of its carparking woes". Not to mention a tidy profit for the company, with current parking rates in the business district at an average of 3 dollars an hour, this building is projected generate more than 1 million dollars a day in car park fees when fully laden, which would recover the cost of the 200 million dollar building within half a year. It will break two world skyscraper records, the most number of floors in a single building, at 161, which will surpass the current record holder, the Burj Khalifa which has 160 floors. It will also be the world's tallest multi-storey carpark. As architect of SkyPark, Mr Cliff Tan said, "this is undoubtedly the most ambitious project undertaken by the state since the Marina Bay Sands Integrated Resort, and will be an icon to the nation." The structure is on schedule, and is projected to be completed by 13th August 2010, for the Singapore Youth Olympic Games.

The building will be more than six times the height of Marina City's iconic Carpark. Freefoto Photo

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