Saturday, October 2, 2010

worst day in my london life

Today was such a terrible day, I had to go to the depot to collect a package for my brother, because no one was at home the days before to recieve it. So there I was, lugging my luggage along the streets to find that god forsaken depot in the middle of no english where. When I finally got the package, to my horror, it was a bunch of cheap china made plugs and dvd cleaners. Oh my god. I wanted to scream. After all that, taking the train to changing the line, finding the place which was not on the map, throughout with my bag containing half my life(to be brought to my new place in central london), I collect something that's better off bought from the local hardware store less the quality.

Lucky I met Lisa after that and all was fine.


  1. i will praying for you, wishing you all the best and good luck.

  2. Haha, somehow I know who you are....


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